Sustainable Human Resource Management: A Systematic Knowledge Search from 2008 to 2021




Page No: 51-67, ISSN: 2221-2523

Nadia Newaz Rimi, PhD1


In recent times both scholars and academics all over the world have shown their keen interests in examining human resource management (HRM) responsibilities toward organizational sustainability naming it sustainable HRM. However, sustainable HRM has yet to be thoroughly studied in the background of developing country context like Bangladesh. This study conducts a systematic and comprehensive review of the sustainable HRM literature to fill in this knowledge gap. A thorough analysis of existing studies on sustainable HRM would help us understanding its theoretical notion and contribution to sustainable performance of the organizations and such knowledge would help Bangladeshi organizations in taking sustainability responsibilities with the help of HRM. Hence, this paper serves three purposes: to review sustainable HRM literature that have addressed different conceptual, empirical and contextual issues; to ascertain how existing studies have focused on various key areas of sustainable HRM; and to suggest topics for potential research for local as well as international researchers. To fulfill these purposes, the paper selects 31 peer-reviewed articles from the leading academic journals from 2008 until early 2021. The current review does not include conference paper and books as scholarly sources that seems to be a limitation. This review contributes to a better knowledge of the present level of research in the sustainable HRM subject, as well as trends and future research directions for the academicians and practitioners of Bangladesh.

Keywords: Literature review, Sustainable human resource management, Organizational


Professor, Department of Management, University of Dhaka


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