Management Education for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in the Context of Bangladesh.

Personality and Career Choice


Page No: 137-146, ISBN: 978-984-35-2570-3

Nadia Newaz Rimi, PhD.1
Razib Hossain1

This chapter examines how individuals explore a suitable career that fits their characteristics. It discusses the domains of careers and personality. It also explores the link between personality and career choice. In examining these issues, this chapter discusses the contemporary concepts of personality. Then, in this chapter, the author mentions different theories of personality and discusses the Big Five Model and the RIASEC Model of Personality.  It reviews the various definitions of “career” and tries     to discuss the different career choices of individuals. Then, it presents empirical evidence regarding the relationship between personality traits and career choice. It also tries to conclude with the analysis of career choice and personality matching. After studying the chapter, the reader can answer questions like: Is it essential to have a definite personality when choosing a career?


Selecting a career that is a good fit for one’s personality is considered a key determinant for future success in the workplace. Different jobs are better suited to different personalities. So, one should be cautious while selecting a career (Alwis, 2018). Personality, abilities, intelligence, background, attitudes, perceptions, motivation, culture, roles they play, gender, race, and disability are all variables that distinguish individuals. These factors are the primary contributors to individual behavior. People desire to pick a profession that best suits their abilities. A career provides a person with identity and status. It boosts a person’s self-esteem, creates a sense of belonging, and makes it easier to form relationships with other members of society. For these reasons, a career is crucial for individuals. It raises the issue of the right career choice (Alkhelil, 2016).

What is Personality?

Personality is the sum of how an individual reacts to and interacts with others. Personality refers to measurable traits that a person exhibits (Robbins and Judge, 2019). Britannica (2002) defines personality as a……….


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