Management Education for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in the Context of Bangladesh.

Management Education to Meet the Future Challenges


Page No: 177-179, ISBN: 978-984-35-2570-3

Nadia Newaz Rimi, PhD1

With the support of the Ministry of Education (MoE), the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the University of Dhaka has taken the initiative to provide research grants to strengthen the research environment in the University at the start of the centennial celebration event in 2021. The University of Dhaka hopes that this initiative will help to develop some policy actions that will guide the university in its pursuit of becoming a center of excellence in quality research and education by revisiting its vision, mission, strategic goals, and road-maps through enhancing the academic environment and boosting its reputation in the international arena.

The Centennial Celebration Committee of the University of Dhaka invites book proposals and manuscripts for the “University of Dhaka Centennial Book Series Project.”Book proposals and manuscripts are invited from Departments, Institutes, and Research Centers. The proposed book must be written/edited in the Department, Institute, or Centre’s name. Departments, institutes, or centers in related fields may collaborate and publish books together.

The overarching goal of the “Centennial Book Series Project of the University of Dhaka” is to glorify the university’s history, culture, and contributions while also promoting research and academic activities that are critical to Bangladesh’s development journey. This initiative will also allow our faculty members to share their expert opinions, views, insights, analysis, and recommendations on a variety of current issues as well as on forecasting future academic and research route-map with relevant policymakers, industries, and other key stakeholders on a national and international scale.

Proposal for Books and Manuscripts can cover, however not limited to, the following areas:



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