Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Program
[Formerly called MBA (Evening) Program]

Department of Management

University of Dhaka.

Executive MBA Admission Announcement for 4th batch
Executive MBA Admission Announcement for 4th batch
Executive MBA Admission Announcement for 4th batch

Department of Management has signed MoU with DCCI

Reception Ceremony-2024, 4th Batch, Executive MBA

Academic Calendar of the MBA (Evening & Executive)
Academic Calendar of the MBA (Evening & Executive) Program Fall Semester-2024

The Department of Management was established in 1970 when the Department of Commerce emerged as an independent faculty. In fact, ‘commerce’ was introduced as a separate area of study in the academic session of 1922-23, just immediately after the establishment of Dhaka University. Now, the Department provides the degrees of BBA and MBA as per rules and regulations of the University of Dhaka. It also offers academic programs leading to the award of Doctoral Degree and Master of Philosophy, in addition to organizing special programs, conferences, seminars, and short courses. The Department currently looks towards fundamentally changing the teaching-learning methods in an endeavor to cope with the changing demands for job-oriented business education and to enable the graduating students to face the challenges in the competitive world of the new millennium. The vision of the Department of Management is to be the premier center for management education locally as well as globally.

The mission of the Department of Management is: To provide professional knowledge and skills in management with a view to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of managerial manpower in business and non-business organizations, to face the emerging challenges in the competitive world of the new millennium.

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Program [Formerly called MBA (Evening) Program] Executive MBA Program was launched to provide professional knowledge and skills in management with a view to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of managerial manpower in business and non- business organizations and to face the emerging challenges in the competitive world of the new millennium. With the growth of emergent challenges of globalization and the need for competent and skilled human resources to address those challenges, Department of Management, University of Dhaka had launched the EMBA Program. The MBA graduates of the Program constantly contributing to cater to the strategic needs of the respective institutions, they are serving in different capacities. To cater to the growing need of professionally trained MBAs, the Faculty of Business Studies started to offer EMBA Program since 2002 as per the approval of the Academic Council of the University of Dhaka. The main aim of the EMBA Program is to develop executives and business practitioners in the context of meeting local as well as global challenges.

Program Features:

  • 2 to 5 years program with 48 credit hours including an Internship Report/Project Paper of 3 credit hours.
  • The program enabling degree completion in shortest possible time.
  • All classes will be held from Saturday to Thursday in the evening time (6:30 pm to 9:30 pm).
  • Industry and professional experts will be engaged to share their experiences with the students.
  • Unique program to address the needs of individual students.

    Members of the Executive MBA Program Committee:

    1. Dr. Mohammad Thoufiqul Islam, Professor, Department of Management                      – Coordinator

    2. Dr. Md. Mosharraf Hossain, Professor & Chairman, Department of Management       – Member

    3. Dr. Sabnam Jahan, Professor, Department of Management                                               – Memberd.

    Linkages with Business Community and Foreign Universities:

     The Department of Management maintains a strong linkage with the business community. We invite the business leaders and professional managers to give practice-based seminars and workshops for our students and faculties. Roundtable meetings with the business professionals are held to generate innovative ideas regarding management issues as well as to elicit opinion about further refinement of our curricula. We feel proud to incorporate in our curricula the expert suggestions of the business people so that our academic programs reflect the reality of the business world.

    The list of foreign universities under the agreement with FBS:

    1. Hampton University, USA
    2. Alhosn University, Boston
    3. Swansea University, UK
    4. University of Tokyo, Japan
    5. University of Leeds, U.K.
    6. RMIT, Australia
    7. Kyushu University, Japan
    8. Eastern Illinois University, USA
    9. Monash Business School, Australia
    10. University of Massachusetts,
    11. University of Yonsei, Seoul
    12. ACCA, UK

    13. London School of Finance & Business
    14. Quinnipiac University, Connecticut
    15. University Western Sydney (Under process)
    16. Central Queensland University, Australia (Under
    17. Northeastern University, Boston (Under process)
    18. Tufts University, Massachusetts (Under process)
    19. University of Newcastle, Australia (Under
    20. Secret Heart University, USA
    21. University of Malaya, Malaysia
    22. Naresuan University, Thailand

    Unique Features of the Program:

    Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)

    • The program is run by highly qualified in-house faculty members along with outstanding
      professionals from the industry.
    • Practical learning opportunities through seminars, real life case studies, presentations, and project
      collaborations with leading firms.
    • Excellent foundation in business with strong focus in HRM/SIM with relevant knowledge.
    • ndividual care of students because of small class size.

    PLO 1: To enrich learners for formulating, executing and evaluating strategies for informed decision making through data analytics.

    PLO 2: To build managerial skills for future management professionals and act as a major source of talent hub.

    PLO 3: To emphasise sustainability, innovation and digitalisation through research to survive and grow in the competitive business environment.

    PLO 4: To create awareness and decision making skills through the understanding of global trends, opportunities & threats along with core business concepts.

    PLO 5: To develop entrepreneurial skills, problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills to contribute both in the national and international arena.

    PLO 6: To engage in experiential learning, internships, industry-academia collaborations and case studies to bridge theory with practical applications.

    PLO 7: To develop human capital in the agile business environment.

    Duration of the Program

    A participant must have to complete the program within 2 years. However, in special circumstances, the maximum period for completion of the program may be extended up to 5 years.

    Credit Hours

    The MPHRM Program will be 48 credit hour program excluding a project paper/ dissertation of 03 credit hours. Every student must write a project paper weighing 3 credit hours, which shall be graded.

    Course Structure

    Structure of Courses Number of Courses Credit Hours Total Credit Hours
    Foundation Courses 6 3 18
    Core Courses 5 3 15
    Elective Courses (Major HRM/SIM) 4 3 12
    Project Paper 1 3 03
    Total 16   48


    Foundation Courses (6 courses)

    EM-501: Principles of Management

    EM-502: Business Communication

    EM-503: Fundamentals of Accounting & Finance

    EM-504: Managerial Economics

    EM-505: Principles of Marketing

    EM-506: Business Research

    Core Courses (Compulsory) (5 courses)

    EM-507: Organizational Behavior

    EM-508: Human Resource Management

    EM-509: Project Appraisal and Management

    EM-510: SMEs and Entrepreneurship Development

    EM-511: Strategic Management

    Monitoring and Supervision

    The class-holding and students’ attendance and performances are closely monitored and supervised. The respective committees are primarily responsible for monitoring and supervising all activities of related programs. The departmental Chairperson generally oversees the performance of both students and teachers. The department vows to continuously improve the quality of teaching-learning in line with total quality management philosophies.

    Elective Courses

    Major (HRM) (4 courses)

    EM- 512: Strategic Human Resource Management

    EM -513: Human Resource Planning and Staffing

    EM -514: Industrial Relations

    EM -515: Performance Appraisal and Compensation Management

    EM -516: Human Resource Development

    EM -517: Conflict Management

    EM -518: Career Planning and Development

    EM -519: Employment and Labor Laws in Bangladesh


    Major (SIM) (4 courses)

    EM -520: International Management

    EM -521: Strategic Leadership & Innovation

    EM -522: International Marketing

    EM -523: Corporate Governance and Diplomacy

    EM -524: International Business

    EM -525: Globalization and Strategy

    EM -526: Total Quality Management

    EM -527: International Human Resource Management

    Rules of the Program

    I) Title of the Program and that of the Degree 

    This program will be known as “Executive MBA in Management” and the students after completing all the requirements of the program will get an Executive Master of Business Administration Degree in Management.

    II) Degree Requirements

    This “Executive MBA in Management” will be a 48 credit program including project paper / internship program. On the basis of the background of individual candidates, students may either be asked to take some pre-requisite courses or allowed exemptions from taking foundation level courses. Every student must complete an internship program of three months/project paper weighing 3 credit.  Therefore, in total, the students are required to complete 48 Credit to be eligible for the degree of “Executive MBA in Management”.

    III) Admission Session

    There will be two semesters in a year; one will begin in January and another in July.


      IV) Admission Requirements:

      • Graduates in any discipline may apply for taking the admission test to be conducted by the Faculty of Business Studies twice a year. Applicants securing 3rd class or scoring CGPA/GPA below 2.5 in any examination will not be eligible to apply. The work experience of a candidate shall be preferred.

      V) Admission Process

      Prescribed application forms for admission to Executive MBA Program can be obtained from the website fbs-du.com/admission.

      VI) Seat Capacity

      A department may admit a minimum of 40 students in one batch.

      VII)  Duration of the Program

      A participant must have to complete the program within 1.5 to 2 years. However, in special circumstances, the maximum period for completion of the program may be extended up to 5 years.

      VIII) Attendance Requirements

      Minimum 75% attendance is needed to appear at the final examination. Students having attendance of 60-74% may appear in the examination provided that she/he pays a fine of Tk. 5,000 for each course. Students having attendance of less than 60% will not be allowed to appear in the examination.

      IX) Grading System

      Course teachers will be responsible for developing course outlines, setting questions and grading students. Course teachers will be required to submit final letter grades to the Program Coordinator.

      The following Uniform Grading System, as prescribed by the university authority and as is operational in the mainstream MBA program shall also be followed for this program.

      Marks Range Letter Grade Grade Point
      80% & Above A+ 4.00
      75% to less than80% A 3.75
      70% to less than75% A- 3.50
      65% to less than70% B+ 3.25
      60% to less than65% B 3.00
      55% to less than60% B- 2.75
      50% to less than55% C+ 2.50
      45% to less than50% C 2.25
      40% to less than45% D 2.00
      Less than 40 F 0.0
        I Incomplete
        W Waiver

      X) Evaluation

      Following the provision 10 of the Syndicate Resolution # 55 dated 27 March, 2022, a student’s performance in a course under this program shall be evaluated as under:

      In-course / Mid Term Exams (Two, 15 marks each)



      Class Participation & Quiz






      Term Paper/ Case Analysis and Report



      Final Examination






      Both Mid Term and Final examinations should be based on descriptive written test.

      1. XI) Waiver

      Students with 4-year bachelor/ Master degree may get an exemption of maximum 12 credits in relevant courses. But B. Com.(Pass) and graduates of non-relevant subjects shall be required to take a maximum of 06 foundation courses to meet the deficiency. Executive MBA Program Committee will decide on the course exemption(s) and foundation course(s) on a case-to-case basis.

      XII) Award of Degrees

      The University of Dhaka will award the degree on the recommendation of the Departmental Academic Committee. Students who obtained ‘F’ / ‘I’ grade in any course shall not be eligible for the award of the degree. Students completing the required courses with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 will be eligible for the degree.

      XIII) Retake

      A student earning ‘F’ grade in a course shall be required to improve the grade by retaking the course on payment of requisite fees offered in the subsequent available semester. A student earning a grade of ‘B’ or worse may also elect to improve the grade by retaking the course when available in the next semester on payment of retaking course fees. However, a candidate can not retake any course after graduation. In this case the concerned student shall have to apply to withhold his/her graduation to the Program Committee.

      In order to retake a course the student must apply to the Program Committee at least 2 weeks before the commencement of the semester. Any application for retaking a course will automatically lead to cancellation of his/her earlier grade.


      XIV) Course Drop and Withdrawal

      A student may drop a course before the commencement of the semester. In this case, course fees will be refunded or adjusted. Any student may choose to withdraw from any course at least 2 weeks before the final examination. In case of course withdrawal, no refund or adjustment of fees will be made. A student may also apply for withdrawal from the semester due to any unavoidable reasons. The Executive MBA Program Committee will decide on these applications on case-to-case basis. However, the student will have to pay the semester fees.

      Last Date  of Application





      Contact Information:

      Phone: 01988-847976, 01515-247491

      Website: https://managementdu.ac.bd/