Drivers of Consumers’ Online Purchase Intention in Bangladesh


Volume 14, No. 1, December 2022


Page No: 115-132, ISSN: 2221-2523

Md. Masud Rana1

Hasibur Rahman Abir2



E-commerce, though a recent invention, is now growing significantly all over the world because of the easy availability of the internet and other technological advancements. Holding a positivist philosophy, this study intends to measure the impact of five independent variables, taken from literature, on the online buying behavior of Bangladeshi consumers. The Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) and the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) are two of the highly recognized theories used to explain purchase intention. Combining both theories, the study has taken five variables, including perceived behavioral control, perceived ease of use, attitude, perceived usefulness, and subjective norms to understand their impacts on the online buying decision of Bangladeshi consumers. After synthesizing existing literature, items have been developed to measure the impact validly and reliably. This study analyzes responses from 155 online consumers through an online questionnaire survey using the snowball sampling technique. This study finds that there are significant relationships among attitude, perceived ease of use, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control with customer purchase intention. However, the study has not found any association between perceived usefulness and customers’ online purchase intention. Methodologically, this study extends the study of consumer purchase behavior through the PLS-SEM method. Practically, it points out the key dimensions that online marketers should focus on grasping the attention of their existing and potential customers.


Keywords: Consumer Purchase Intention, Online Purchase, TAM Model, Planned Behavior.

JEL Classification: D03, D18, D91, L2

1) Lecturer, Department of Business Studies, State University of Bangladesh.

2) Management Trainee Officer (MTO), Dhaka Bank Limited.


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