COVID-19: Challenges to Accept New Normal Life


Volume 14, No. 1, December 2022


Page No: 35-55, ISSN: 2221-2523


Shilpi Das, PhD1

Popy Rani Sarkar2


Abstract: COVID-19 has turned the dynamic normal life into a stagnant life by disseminating the fear of infection to all. It is a period of exigency. The main objective of this study is to explore different challenges that common people are envisaging to accept a new normal life. The paper has been prepared based on the survey of 250 respondents divided into three categories: students, job holders, and businessmen. Four questions mentioning several challenges, ways of outgrowing, recommendations for authority, and different opinions of the respondents have been added to the survey questionnaire, where ‘Challenges’ is an independent variable and ‘Accepting new normal life’ is a dependent variable. The study elicits that financial crisis, mental anxieties, frustration, technological adaptation, shortage and higher costs of transportation, and price hike are the common challenges for all. The findings of the study recommend that in this unpropitious period, authority should take appropriate initiatives to help common people get relief from several challenges and adapt to new normal life. Those initiatives will reduce the pernicious impact of COVID-19 on the common people and ultimately on the economy of Bangladesh.


Keywords: COVID-19, Challenges of COVID-19, New Normal Life, and Bangladesh.

1) Associate Professor, Department of Accounting & Information Systems, Jagannath University

2) MBA (Major in HRM), Department of Management, University of Dhaka


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