Management Education for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in the Context of Bangladesh.

Career Depression among University Graduates: Causes and Consequences


Page No: 107-119, ISBN: 978-984-35-2570-3

Tanisha Bukth1

Md. Ali Akkas2

The Phenomenon of Career Depression

We use the word career all time, but what does it really mean? It has different meanings. It can be viewed from the different perspectives. It is a job or profession that someone does for a long time. It is also used to refer to the series of jobs an individual has over his or her lifetime. It also means advancement. A career describes an individual’s journey through learning, work and other aspect of life. A career is defined as the unfolding sequence of a person’s work experiences over time (Arthur et al., 2005; Arnold & Cohen, 2008). A career is typically undertaken as a permanent calling and is expected to produce progressive achievement over the course of one’s life.

In fact, it is the aspiration for a successful career that motivates most human beings to pursue education. Yet, despite availing of tertiary level education from universities and securing jobs upon graduation, many graduates develop disillusionment and dissatisfaction surrounding their careers. In some cases, lack of contentment takes a more severe form known as career depression.

Depression is one of the most common mental ailments among adults (Richards, 2011). It is a disorder that affects the………


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